Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Sorry for the lack of posts lately...I have been under the weather and stayed home from work today with a fever (among other things). I will catch up on the past weekend's events soon.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

You want to take this outside?

We went to the Magic game tonight and were hoping for an exciting game since we (were) number 1 in the league. The excitement we got wasn't quite what I expected-an obnoxious Celtics fan wound up moving seats toward the end of the game right behind us and was mouthing off the entire time. When our team was on a rally to come back from behind, we stood up along with the rest of the arena to cheer them on. Well, this jerk couldn't seem to see so he muttered threats under his breath about cutting off our heads, etc. until hubby finally turned around and confronted him. So what if we were standing? We were trying to support our team! It was just one of those moments where you wish you had some clever comment to stop the other person in their tracks and completely shut them up. Thankfully, it was only a verbal confrontation (despite the guy's threats to take us outside and shoot us! Are you kidding me?!) but it got my blood boiling and I was angry for the rest of the game. Which we lost, by the way. I am beginning to wonder if I have been to a single game that we have won. I am thinking I may just need to watch from home from now on before I hurt the Magic's chances at the play-offs.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

A busy week's recap

A lot happened last week! We started off on Monday with a yummy sushi birthday dinner for Ryan's brother, Bradley. I used to eat sushi probably once a week, but we haven't had it as frequently lately so I always welcome it as a meal.
On Tuesday night, I placed a call to a rescue for puppies we had found on petfinder.com. We've been talking about adopting a pup for some time now, and had wanted to wait until after the holidays to start looking. I found some "lab/beagle" mix pups that were about 11 weeks old and simply precious, so I thought I'd call to find out more. The catch was they were being kept at a foster home up in Ocala, which is about an hour and a half from our house. I ended up getting in touch with the right people on Wednesday and while Ryan was driving back from a day trip to Ft. Meyers (about 3 hours away) we decided to try to see them that night. Poor hubby - what a day of driving for him!
We met the foster "mom" at a Walgreens, thinking she would lead us back to her house because it was too hard to find in the dark. Oh, no. She brought them with her in the back of her car and we met them in the parking lot! It was pretty tough to get to know them, but we tried our best and switched back and forth between two little boys. The first, Harvin, was mostly black with a white stripe down his face and a very full belly. He was sweet and just wanted to cuddle up in our laps. The other, Meyer, was one of the runts and had a lot of spunk! He was white with a big black patch over his eye and some spots on his head. They both melted your heart, but we decided we liked Meyer better.
We knew we wanted to sleep on it so we drove home and debated it the whole drive back. We were both unsure of the breed, since they didn't really look like labs or beagles and the woman admitted they weren't sure what the dad was (the mom was a beagle mix). It scared us not knowing because as cute as he is now, who knows what he could be when he grows up. I emailed the photos to two vets and one wrote back Thursday night that he thought Meyer was a Jack Russel/Rat terrier mix. The other vet wrote back Saturday thinking at first Pitt bull/boxer but then based on his size and approx. age maybe a terrier mix. That sealed the deal for Ryan - no way. He is set on a lab (no way for me - but a mix would be okay) and we were so unsure about how he would grow up, so we decided to wait.
So, for now, we are still on the hunt for a cute little pup to welcome home.
To round out the week, we had a lovely date night on Friday with a delicious dinner and Cold Stone for dessert. Trying to be economical, we opted for one of the take-home quarts (?-not sure of the exact size) because it was a much better deal than two separate sundaes. The best part is that the kid made way too much, so he gave us the extra anyway! Then we went home and watched Get Smart with our ice cream, which I thought was pretty funny. (And no, we didn't eat it all.)
Last night, we celebrated a friend's birthday with another dinner out. Unfortunately, what started as a great evening turned pretty sour with horrible service, cold food, and a very late check. I hate to say we are probably never going to that restaurant again.
Today, we finally set up the Wii Fit I bought Ryan over the summer. I was a little skeptical at first watching Ryan try it and thinking it couldn't possible be an actual workout. Boy, was I wrong! I did different activities for a total of 30 minutes and by the end my legs were shaky and I was sweating! I think I might have to make this part of my New Year's exercise plan (which hasn't totally kicked off yet...oops!).

Monday, January 12, 2009

I want this house!

Of course, I would settle with being your guest if it belonged to you. Click here to enter for the HGTV 2009 Dream Home giveaway. We can all dream, right?!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Yard's Work is Never Done

I. Am. Sore. After avoiding yard work for the past few months, we finally went out yesterday and did some major clean-up. I cleared out the entire side yard, which had succumbed to "the vine" over the summer and left all the bushes dead in its path. (not our yard, but a good example of how it once looked). Now it's just sandy dirt and a few stumps until the weather turns a bit nicer to replant. We cut back the crate myrtles, too, though I am not sure if it was time yet...I guess we'll know if they grow back in the spring!

I always feel so ambitious when we start and really thought I could do the entire front and back (weeding, trimming, etc.) but only got the side done yesterday. Then, waking up this morning and thinking I couldn't move, I forced myself to go out again and tackled the beds around our front walk. Ryan spent the day inside working, so I was on my own to weed and rake up years worth of old mulch and leaves. Once that was all cleared, everything got a good spraying of Round-up. It took a good 4 hours or so, but I finally finished the front.

Now we just need to re-mulch and potentially re-plant a few things to spruce it up. Oh, yeah...and tackle the backyard. Yikes! I just hope I can get out of bed tomorrow for work.

Monday, January 5, 2009

For only four easy installments...

I was home alone on Friday while Ryan was at work and I got sucked in to watching an infomercial for the Shark Steam Mop. I totally want one! Our wood floors have seen better days and we tend to just vacuum (as needed) and then Swiffer (on occasion), but if I had a Shark Steam Mop, I think I would use it all the time!
I've been doing some searches online and so far Best Buy has the best price...but it's still $71.99. I'll have to see if I can convince the new hubby that it's worth it.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Our First New Year's

Our good friends, Dave and Katie, threw a party at their house for New Year's Eve so we headed over there to spend an evening playing games and hanging out until midnight. It was fun to celebrate our first married new year with good friends! After introducing the group to "Pass the Pigs" and watching Dick Clark's Rocking New Year's Eve, it was ready to ring in the new year. To help the celebration, we had sparklers (left over from our wedding!) and the guys shot off a few fireworks. Then, someone set up Rock Band and I was totally in love with playing the drums. What fun! We may have to get that game for our Wii.After a late night, we woke up on New Year's Day for a very exciting event...the Capital One Bowl Game featuring my beloved Georgia Bulldogs! I was so psyched to see them play since we haven't been to any games in forever. Our ad agency from work invited a bunch of us to attend, so Ryan and I headed to their tailgate at 11 am and then into the Citrus Bowl Stadium for kick-off at 1 pm. I was a little nervous during the first half, but the Dawgs pulled through and won in the end. It's great to be a Georgia Bulldog!

Saturday, January 3, 2009