Friday, August 31, 2012

Nell's Baby Shower

It's hard to believe that our breakfast club has nearly doubled in size since I first met these great ladies, let alone that we are starting to welcome the next round of babies into the group! We got a chance to celebrate Nell and the upcoming arrival of baby Graham with the whole crew at Kelsey's house one morning.

Everyone gathered to shower the mommy-to-be (again) with diapers galore and lots of adorable gifts. The kiddos all got to play while the moms enjoyed brunch and mimosas. It was a great morning and we can't wait to meet Graham when he arrives later this fall!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Fifteen Month Well Visit

Our growing boy checked out great at his 15 month appointment.

His weight was 25 pounds, 12 ounces (65 percentile)

His head was 18 3/4" round (60 percentile)

His height was 33" (90+ percentile!!!)

We are so blessed to have such a healthy, sweet little bubba and I am so thankful God has continued to watch over him as he grows. I can't believe his height is now topping the charts, although he definitely stands taller than most friends his age. We have a big boy on our hands!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Fifteen Months

Nathan, you are fifteen months old!

You've surprised us this month and started becoming picky and particular about meals. We just always thought you were such a vacuum! However, you love to snack and constantly ask for things at the pantry door. You are mastering a fork and spoon - you can stab things pretty well and you are so proud when I let you scoop your own bites of yogurt.
You talk all day long! You're really trying to say more words but it can get frustrating because a lot of it all sounds the same - "ja" (jax), "da" (dad), "na" (snack), "tha" (that); "ma" (mom), "mo" (more); "bah-bah" (bottle), "buh-buh" (suckie), "baw-baw" (ball); "puh" (up, cup or grape - they all sound the same!) I'm trying really hard to be your translator but it can be challenging for both of us when I don't know what you want.

That adventurous spirit of yours has begun testing limits and you know full well when you do something naughty. You can climb down from our bed and the couch all on your own, you can get on and off the rocker in the guest room, and you can even open doors! You often look for approval and to make sure you are noticed.

It took about a month after you learned to walk but you finally figured out how to stand up from sitting and now there is no stopping you! You are into everything and all over the place.

We're in the process of dropping a nap but you've decided it's the afternoon one that should go, which makes for a very long day. You've been waking up really early, too, so we're back to another sleep pattern. Definitely keeps me on my toes! When you're awake, you are awake - you quickly scramble to the side of the crib, climb up to standing, and start crying. There is no more hanging out in your crib, that's for sure!

You love reading and go to the same books time after time. Your current favorites are "Little Blue Truck", "Hello Baby", "Moo", "Mama Calls Me Monkeypants" and "Big Red Barn". You are obsessed with balls and have more fun playing with Jax's toys than your own.

You love Jax so much! It's so fun for you to give her cookies or have her shake your hand. You often find her and curl up with her on the floor. It's adorable.

It amazes me how much you understand when we talk to you. You are a great helper and love being included in grown up tasks like unloading the dishwasher or bringing us things. You gesture for what you want if you can't already say it and are learning quickly how to communicate.

How are you such a big boy already?! This is such a fun stage, albeit challenging, and I am enjoying you so much. I love you monkey man!


Fifteen Month Stats:

Weight - 25 pounds, 12 ounces

Clothes - mostly 24 months, size 5 shoes

Diapers - size 4