Thursday, June 17, 2010

What shopping luck!

I went shopping on a mission to find a dress for my cousin's upcoming wedding. Which, of course, meant that I had zero expectations to actually find anything. Isn't that how it always works when you actually shop for something specific?
Imagine my surprise and complete joy, then, when I found THE dress out of the first batch I tried on! Of course, it was from Bloomingdales so it was no bargain but I haven't splurged on a dress for an event in a while and I figured I would get some use out of it.The crazy lady that checked me out called the color "tangerine" but I am pretty sure it's closer to a berry pink. In fact, it's called "red berry", so there crazy lady.
I also tried a first and ordered shoes from after a failed attempt at shopping in person. Again, success!

Then, a gold necklace from TJ Maxx put the final icing on the cake. (Photos to come)
I am so excited for the week of family vacation and the wedding celebration but what makes it even better is how this whole ensemble came together. I will post pics of the actual event so you can see how I pulled it all off...I will do my best to pose with a bit less 'tude than the model above. Ha!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Feeling hippie (and not in a peace, love and happiness kind of way)

So...I haven't really worked out much since the wedding. Which was, um, 20 months ago. Really?! I just counted. Has it been that long already?
Anyway, I had been on such a misson to lose weight and tone that after the fact, I needed a break. A really long break apparently. And then I guess I just got used to the routine of not working out so much that I have become a major slacker.
And that has left me feeling like this:Not so much super as super-hippie. Have you seen the movie? There is a great scene where "Mrs. Incredible" stops to see her body in the mirror and stares at her "shapely" hip area while breathing out a huge, disappointed sigh as if to say "who is this girl?" My sentiments exactly.
So, today I am back on track. I am counting calories thanks to a handy app on my iPhone and I'm working out again - or at least trying. Today was running (seriously, who is this girl? ha!) and tennis will follow a few more times this week. My goal is not really to lose all that much (although a bit would be nice) but really to tone and try to avoid any impending thunder thighs. We'll see how long it lasts!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Memorial Day at the lake

One of my birthday wishes was to spend Memorial Day weekend at my parents' lakehouse at Lake Oconee. I always love spending time with the fam and thought it would be a great kick start to summer.While the weather didn't cooperate for all of the long weekend, we soaked up lots of family time and any sunshine we could get! We went out on the boat, played Trivial Pursuit, grilled out and did some serious relaxing.And, of course, we loved on my nephew, Carter, the whole time. It's so fun to see Ryan interact with him and how he handles a baby with silly faces and voices. He's going to be such a great dad someday, but in the meantime it's fun practicing as an uncle.Even Jax made the trip up (she LOVES the car and is so good the entire way up and back...all 7 hours each way!). We took her out on the boat the last day to test her sea legs and I think she did a pretty great job!She even managed to jump into the lake and swim for a bit (even if it was by accident - we're not sure, but I swear it was on her own, no pushing...although I was tempted. haha).Another great weekend with the family and such fun to extend my birthday a whole other week! We definitely don't take advantage of the lakehouse as often as I'd like, but we always talk about heading up with friends so hopefully it won't be too long before we stop talking and start driving again.

Birthday Festivities

Okay, I guess if I have to come to grips with the fact that I am another year older (and another year *gasp* closer to the big 3-0) I might as well remember the fun I had celebrating!
I was greeted the morning of with a call from Ryan in the kitchen to come see...a sweet little face with a little something for me. So adorable! She didn't want to give up the card but I eventually got it before it got too soaked.
We enjoyed a D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S dinner that evening at a well-known steakhouse right by our house. It was a delightfully long meal, with great conversation and the best company! It's so nice to have a really good dinner where you enjoy every moment (and every bite).
The next night we met up with friends at a wine bar in Winter Park and hung out for hours chatting and people watching. It was great to have a whole night to kick back and hang out with good friends.

I am looking forward to the year ahead and all that it holds. We've already got so many plans for the summer and I can't wait to enjoy the last year in my 20s!