Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My latest creation

I somehow managed to find time during this crazy countdown to paint a new onesie for my sister's friend, who is a teacher with her. She is having a baby in November and is a big Virginia Tech fan, so she requested their mascot. This is what I sent her today...

I have to say, I really love doing this! It's so much fun to see the finished product. (Although apologies to my bro-in-law for this particular one...they are his rival school!) I am currently taking requests if anyone wants something painted for a gift (or themselves...correction-their baby).

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Waiting for pics

So, I broke down and emailed my photographer to see when we might get a peek at the photos he took for our engagement session, but it might still be a couple of weeks (!) so as my own sneak peek, here is a shot my mom took of us before we left the house for the session. I was so happy with my hair for the moment, so I wanted to be sure she captured it, even if it didn't stay that way during the "real" photos.

In other news, we are only two weeks away from actually leaving for Hilton Head! I have started a list of little odds and ends I need to get for the trip, such as our wedding day emergency kit and mini-toiletries. I've been trying to hold back and be good in the shopping department but I think I may still need some honeymoon attire, too. Lots to do!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

It fits!

I went for my final dress fitting this evening and I am happy to report...it fits! The scary thing is that they gave me the dress to take home and it is sitting in our guest room as we speak. I feel nervous having it here, especially because R could go in and take a peek at any moment! I am sure he won't, but having the dress at home makes the countdown that much more real.

I jokingly told my mom I might need a cute faux fur stole or wrap to go with it since the weather has finally started to show signs of fall and it might be cool in the evenings (especially with my thin Florida blood!). Perhaps something furry like these?

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

24 days and counting

Yikes...I am knee deep in spreadsheets and a little frantic. We only have 24 days left before the wedding, and even less than that before we leave for Hilton Head! Sorry if I go MIA for a bit, but I have lots of little things to tie up before the big day.
I am also waiting (patiently, sort of) for our fabulous photographer to post the photos from our engagement session this past weekend in Atlanta. As soon as I have a link to share, I promise I will pass it along! I hope we didn't close our eyes or squint too much...it was a pretty bright day when we took the pics and poor R has such sensitive eyes.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


We just got back from a wonderful weekend in Atlanta where, not only did we finally get our engagement photos taken, we picked up all of the gifts from my shower and brought them back to Orlando. All I can say is that I have the most generous, loving family and friends for providing us will all of these lovely pieces to complete our "new" home. Thank you all so much! I have to admit, though, that I am completely overwhelmed with where to put everything.
After staring at the pile that had accumulated in the dining room after unloading the car, we decided that we would just store everything for now and save organizing it as my little project after the wedding...I am sure after planning for over a year, I will need something new to keep me busy! In the meantime, they will just have to look like this for a little over 4 weeks...

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I really love the simple look of initials of the bride and groom hanging on the entry doors to the ceremony and/or reception.
I had already been thinking of doing this on the front doors to the Port Royal Clubhouse, where we will be married...But I had also been troubled by the blank "bulletin board"-looking wall that will be behind the DJ when he is all set up (the far wall in the photo below).
This may be a perfect place to hang a painted cutout "K" and "R" on pretty ribbon!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

My shower

Finally, I have a chance to post about the lovely shower I had thrown in my honor this past weekend. I had such an amazing time and thought my mom and sisters did an awesome job putting it all together. They held it at my parents' country club in a private room and there were almost 40 ladies that came! It definitely made me feel loved.
We played a fun get-to-know-you game at the beginning, where we had to go around the room and find someone who had done different tasks relating to weddings. It was like filling out a bingo card, with fun items like who had eloped or honeymooned at Niagra Falls. It helped us learn something new about each other, for sure.
We had a very tasty lunch with pretty salads, which could have been a whole meal in themselves, and pecan-crusted chicken with rice. The tables looked great thanks to the beautiful centerpieces my mom created and a special little detail was the mini cupcakes for dessert. They were delicious!
I cannot thank everyone enough for coming and for all of the generous gifts for me and R. I can't wait to use everything in our "new" home as man and wife.
A very useful and preppy gift from my aunt...UGA and UF Tervis Tumblers! Perfect for our "divided house" during football season.
I promise to post more pictures soon. I just need to get a Picasa or Flickr account so I can start some kind of slideshow. I'm so behind the blog know-how.

Friday, September 5, 2008


I'm off to Atlanta this weekend for my bridal shower. I am so excited to go "home" (it still feels like it for me even though I've lived in Orlando for over 5 years) and see family and friends all together. It should be a lot of fun!
I'll post pictures when I get back. Have a great weekend!