Thursday, December 13, 2012

Catching up

Well, Nathan turned 18 months...

And then 19 months...

And before I know it he will be 20 months and I haven't been documenting it at all! I keep meaning to jump on the computer and update on all of his growth and silliness and changes over the past couple of months but I guess life gets in the way, which is probably not a bad thing. I still have updates from Halloween to make and it's almost Christmas! I'll get to it, eventually.

In the meantime, here's what this little man has been up to:

  • Running at full speed
  • Attempting to jump (and getting pretty good at it!)
  • Talking more and more ("more" being one of those new words, in addition to "no", "choo-choo", "truck", "food", "cheese", "kick", "throw" to name a few)
  • Top canines have come in, making it 14 teeth now
  • Snuggling and being oh so sweet
  • Throwing tantrums and being oh so "terrible"
  • Fake crying and laughing - how did he learn this?!
  • Peeing on the potty! (just for fun, nothing serious - he started going right after a bath one night so I sat him down on the potty and he kept going. he gets quite the kick out of it!)
  • Going down the slide by himself at the playground
  • Stealing our hearts more and more each day!
I am loving this Christmas season and celebrating another holiday with our monkey. It just keeps getting better and better!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Burt's Pumpkin Patch

We took our monthly trip to Atlanta at the end of October and it was perfect timing to see peak fall foliage and experience my favorite season. My only request during our visit, aside from spending time with family, was to head a bit north to some sort of pumpkin patch or apple orchard. We selected Burt's Pumpkin Patch and it was a perfect fall day!

We arrived just before lunchtime and after initially peeking into the pumpkin patch and checking out the scene, we took our picnic lunch up a hill and quickly ate before really heading in. The boys loved weaving in and out the rows of orange, riding on the bigger gourds and "shopping" for the tinier ones.

Hattie bought us tickets for a hayride and after coaxing Carter into Kelly's lap (he was very against going), we all climbed aboard and took a ride around the entire farm. They had such a great setup and it was such a beautiful setting. The Georgia mountains are just so picturesque and I loved seeing all the different colored leaves.

We wrapped up the morning with more photos and running around the patch, letting the boys soak up quality time with their Hattie. It was so sweet to see them together and I just had a ball being there. We are definitely doing this again!

Monday, October 22, 2012


In honor of our fourth wedding anniversary, Ryan and I spent the weekend on a "staycation" here in town at the Ritz Carlton. It was the perfect night away and we took full advantage of the resort by lounging poolside on Saturday and treating each other to spa treatments on Sunday. We had a delicious dinner to celebrate on Saturday night and really enjoyed sleeping in the next morning while we were bubs-free for a night!

I am so thankful that we are able to get away and take time to celebrate one another through all our busyness! Here's to many, many more happy years together. xoxo

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fall Festival

We recently started attending First United Methodist Church in Winter Park in hopes that N will go to school there next fall and in searching for a new church home. We've really enjoyed it so far and hope to continue to meet people and get N adjusted to the nursery.

The school put on a fall festival to help kick off the season so while Ryan was off at a football game, N and I met up with friends and checked out all there was to do. Parker and Nathan seemed to get a kick out of the firetruck and even took turns sitting inside.

They had train rides and face painting and all sorts of cute games for the kids to play. The highlight for the bubs, though, was definitely the petting zoo! This boy loves animals and kept marching back to the pen to visit with the goats, ducks and bunnies. I could barely tear him away when it was time to go! We had a lot of fun and hope to do it as a family again next year!

Saturday, October 13, 2012


Fall is my absolute favorite season and I love to partake in all the festivities surrounding this time of year. As part of our annual fall traditions, we took Nathan to a pumpkin patch to pick out the perfect decor for our front porch. It wasn't as cool as last year, which made it a bit tough to truly feel the season, but we still had fun weaving in and out of the rows of pumpkins to find the best ones.

It's hard to believe last year at this time our little monkey couldn't even sit up by himself. We used the pumpkins to prop him up and carried him around in a wheelbarrow! This year he was running and jumping on the gourds and proudly pulled our wagon himself. What a difference a year makes!

Happy fall, y'all!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Seventeen Months

Nathan, you are seventeen months old!

You are my crazy cuckoo boy. You go nonstop and get such a kick out of yourself! You've learned to step up your walk to a run and Daddy and I love hearing your feet pitter across the wood floors. You spin in circles till you are dizzy, you walk around on your tip toes, and you are just generally all over the place! After our trip to Hilton Head, we also realized you grew a bit because now you can climb onto the furniture and reach the counters. We're in trouble!

You're very good at identifying various body parts and have learned to show us your "muscles" by flexing your arms and shaking them. You're a pretty good mimic and are such a smart boy, amazing us all the time by what you understand and what you get from us. I have a really hard time understanding your ever growing vocabulary but I know you're trying. Some of my favorites: "uh-ooh", "baby", "tweet-tweet", "bock-bock."

You got your second haircut this month and it's turning blonder each week! All of your molars made it through so now you have twelve teeth. You constantly have nicks or bruises somewhere on your body from being so active, despite my trying to keep you out of harms way. You outgrow your shoes before you can even wear them out and you're on to size 7 now! Such big feet, you are going to be such a tall boy!

We turned your carseat around for our trip to Hilton Head and you seem to really enjoy facing forward. I love turning around and seeing your smiling face looking back at me. You grab my hand to lead me places, which melts my heart and is just so sweet. You're still totally and helplessly addicted to your pacifier. I'm trying to limit its use but it's really hard for both of us.

We try to color, mostly with crayons or chalk (both of which you call "boo"), but I think you're still a little young. Most of the time you have more fun taking the colors out of the box and putting them back in. You are quite the sorter!

Your endless energy never ceases to amaze me and you constantly have me on my toes but I love seeing your busy little body on the go. I love you so much little monkey!

Seventeen Month Stats:

Weight - around 27 pounds

Diapers - size 4

Clothes - 24m to 2T; shoes, size 6.5-7

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Feeding the Ducks

Dana and I ventured to the "castle park" not too long ago and let the kids admire the ducks, much to our mutual anxiety. I was kind of relieved to find I am not the only one totally freaked out by birds in general - they are so dirty and aggressive! But we sucked it up because the little ones were in heaven and we decided to try again, next time armed with bread.

Nathan and Caroline marched right to the water's edge and greeted a small group of ducks with quiet wonder. As we stood there and started throwing out small pieces of bread, more and more ducks and birds joined the group and we were soon surrounded!

The kiddos got a kick out of it and I loved watching their reactions. I even gave N a few pieces of bread to share but the sneaky buddy decided he would rather snack on it himself. It made me laugh.

Once we ran out of food and our comfort level with the close proximity of the ducks ran out, we headed back over to the playground to hang out. Literally. It was a fun day and I'm so glad we have such great parks around us to experience new things like this!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Splash Pad Fun

With the sweltering heat this summer, we've found lots of relief at the splash pad with our buddies. Nathan went from being very timid, almost scared, to running right into the water with big smiles. It's been fun watching him warm up to it over the past few months! 

Our music class buddies are always a blast to hang out with and the kiddos all get along so well. It's welcome adult time when the mommies can stand around and chat while the babies wear themselves out.

We ventured out to the Dr. Phillips park a few weeks ago and had even more fun trying out new fountains. There was so much more space to run around and we spent a couple hours splashing in the water.

It may be fall around the rest of the country but it's still steamy here so we are still enjoying ourselves outside for as long as we can! I'm not sure how we will get the kids to use up so much energy once the weather does turn but for now I appreciate it making for a nice nap time!

We especially love our hang time with our buddies! Can't say enough how thankful I am that we have such good friends in our lives. It doesn't hurt that my cutie is so fun to watch when we go, too.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sixteen Months

Nathan, you are sixteen months old!

As you continue to grow and develop, finding your self and testing your limits, I must say this month has been the most challenging I can remember in a while. We've struggled with communication, a new-found pickiness for eating and a really hard sleep month. Ah, the joys of toddlerhood!

In spite of the challenges, you've also continued to grow my heart and make me love you more with each day. Your sweet smile and sneaky grins could win anyone over and you are super friendly, waving (or pinching your fingers) to friends and strangers alike. You are running and toddling all over and it is the cutest thing to watch you zoom around. I love seeing you process new things and trying them yourself. The latest is playing chase and hiding, which you think is hilarious!

More and more, your favorite "person" is Jax. You wake and immediately want to walk out of your room to find her, calling her name and lighting up at first sighting. You ask to give her cookies and you love to snuggle her, though she can sometimes be overwhelmed by your love. You even find her collar and leash in hopes of taking her on a walk. Dogs in general get your attention and you love spotting "woofs" when we're out.

You love practicing your golf skills by smacking the ball around the house and you're actually quite good at connecting. You're also always into something, pulling things out of drawers and exploring the bathroom cabinets. Forget toys, you'd rather play with our stuff! You still have a penchant for reading, which I love, and are always up for a story.

Though I know it's early to tell, it does seem you favor your left hand over your right. You use a fork or spoon in your left hand and you are stronger at throwing with your left. We'll have to see if you're just like Daddy or if it switches as you get older.

For weeks you've been having a hard time with sleeping past the 5- or 6-o'clock hours and it is killing us! You wake exhausted and crying but won't go back to bed, which makes for a miserable morning. You're also working on dropping that nap still and most days only sleep for an hour and a half tops. I know you need more rest but just don't know how to encourage it more. I blame the molars that are halfway through (the bottoms are almost all the way in but the tops are still working on it) and pray that when they have broken in you'll be back to a more acceptable sleep pattern.

Our little vacuum is no more and it's tough finding things you actually will eat now versus your former self that rarely passed on anything. You could live off cheese and fruit, which you do on most days, but I really try to incorporate more proteins and substance. It worries me that you aren't getting all the nutrients your little body (and brain!) need to grow, but I know this is a sign of the toddler times, too.

We're back in music class after a short break and you really enjoy it. I love watching you dance and shake your little booty. I'm sorry you won't be inheriting any dancing skills from your mama but it's still fun to watch you try! You crack yourself up with your antics and I love hearing you laugh at the silly things you do.

Oh, buddy, I love you so much and even when you test my patience I could not imagine life without being your mom. You are a handsome little beasty boy and I love the expressions you make. It's a joy watching you grow, as hard as it is to believe you're not a baby anymore.

I love you!

(officially monthly pic to come...)

Friday, September 7, 2012

Labor Day Beach Weekend

We've heard a lot about Hammock Beach and after spending Girls' Weekend there earlier this summer, Ryan and I decided to take his family back there for Labor Day. We rented a three bedroom condo so there was plenty of room for all of us to spend the weekend. It was a gorgeous resort and so much fun to bring Nathan on an overnight beach trip with Lolly, Uncle Brad and Aunt Sarah!

We cooked dinners in while we were there but enjoyed lunch out at the pool grille and had lots of beach and pool time. There was a seven acre water park complete with a lazy river and spray grounds that N loved! He wasn't so keen on the ocean but he liked playing in the sand and collecting shells. The only way we got him close to the waves was to go pet the pups that were on walks with their owners!

I would definitely go back as a family. We had a great time and really enjoyed our fun in the sun! 

Friday, August 31, 2012

Nell's Baby Shower

It's hard to believe that our breakfast club has nearly doubled in size since I first met these great ladies, let alone that we are starting to welcome the next round of babies into the group! We got a chance to celebrate Nell and the upcoming arrival of baby Graham with the whole crew at Kelsey's house one morning.

Everyone gathered to shower the mommy-to-be (again) with diapers galore and lots of adorable gifts. The kiddos all got to play while the moms enjoyed brunch and mimosas. It was a great morning and we can't wait to meet Graham when he arrives later this fall!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Fifteen Month Well Visit

Our growing boy checked out great at his 15 month appointment.

His weight was 25 pounds, 12 ounces (65 percentile)

His head was 18 3/4" round (60 percentile)

His height was 33" (90+ percentile!!!)

We are so blessed to have such a healthy, sweet little bubba and I am so thankful God has continued to watch over him as he grows. I can't believe his height is now topping the charts, although he definitely stands taller than most friends his age. We have a big boy on our hands!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Fifteen Months

Nathan, you are fifteen months old!

You've surprised us this month and started becoming picky and particular about meals. We just always thought you were such a vacuum! However, you love to snack and constantly ask for things at the pantry door. You are mastering a fork and spoon - you can stab things pretty well and you are so proud when I let you scoop your own bites of yogurt.
You talk all day long! You're really trying to say more words but it can get frustrating because a lot of it all sounds the same - "ja" (jax), "da" (dad), "na" (snack), "tha" (that); "ma" (mom), "mo" (more); "bah-bah" (bottle), "buh-buh" (suckie), "baw-baw" (ball); "puh" (up, cup or grape - they all sound the same!) I'm trying really hard to be your translator but it can be challenging for both of us when I don't know what you want.

That adventurous spirit of yours has begun testing limits and you know full well when you do something naughty. You can climb down from our bed and the couch all on your own, you can get on and off the rocker in the guest room, and you can even open doors! You often look for approval and to make sure you are noticed.

It took about a month after you learned to walk but you finally figured out how to stand up from sitting and now there is no stopping you! You are into everything and all over the place.

We're in the process of dropping a nap but you've decided it's the afternoon one that should go, which makes for a very long day. You've been waking up really early, too, so we're back to another sleep pattern. Definitely keeps me on my toes! When you're awake, you are awake - you quickly scramble to the side of the crib, climb up to standing, and start crying. There is no more hanging out in your crib, that's for sure!

You love reading and go to the same books time after time. Your current favorites are "Little Blue Truck", "Hello Baby", "Moo", "Mama Calls Me Monkeypants" and "Big Red Barn". You are obsessed with balls and have more fun playing with Jax's toys than your own.

You love Jax so much! It's so fun for you to give her cookies or have her shake your hand. You often find her and curl up with her on the floor. It's adorable.

It amazes me how much you understand when we talk to you. You are a great helper and love being included in grown up tasks like unloading the dishwasher or bringing us things. You gesture for what you want if you can't already say it and are learning quickly how to communicate.

How are you such a big boy already?! This is such a fun stage, albeit challenging, and I am enjoying you so much. I love you monkey man!


Fifteen Month Stats:

Weight - 25 pounds, 12 ounces

Clothes - mostly 24 months, size 5 shoes

Diapers - size 4