Thursday, June 23, 2011

Family Resemblance?

Nathan and cousin Carter are 14 months apart. We've been fortunate to receive a lot of C's hand-me-downs so I couldn't resist posing Nathan in the same outfit we put Carter in for his one month photoshoot.
The boys were just about the same age here. Do you see any resemblance?

Monday, June 20, 2011

Ryan's First Father's Day

To celebrate Ryan's first Father's Day, we met up with his dad and took a trip down to Vero Beach to hang out with Aunt Barb, Uncle Phil and Grandma. It's always a treat to visit their house because living in their community is like being on vacation!
The boys all went fishing on Saturday morning so Barb and I had quality time to catch up and snuggle with Nathan. When they got home, we ate a delicious meal of fried and grilled sea bass for dinner. Everyone loved meeting Nathan and he definitely was the main topic of our conversations throughout the night.
I love these boys!

Nathan got to meet his Gigi for the first time. She's 90 years old and in amazing health! He loved staring up at her while she cooed and murmed sweet things to him.

Great Aunt Barb, lovingly now called "Gabby", couldn't get enough of the little guy. She has two grandchildren of her own and is such a natural with babies! We didn't get any photos with Great Uncle Phil ("Guppy") but he was a natural, too.

Grandaddy, Ryan's dad, got to celebrate Father's Day with the boys, too, and loved cuddling with the little monkey.

Everyone played golf on Sunday morning so I stayed back and caught up on naptime with the little munchkin. Then we were back on the road to Orlando and the weekend was over. I didn't get to take advantage of all the amenities we are usually spoiled with since I was with the baby but I know he will enjoy going to visit as he gets older and we can go to the beach club and swim in the pool. I have a feeling he is going to be a water baby!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Family Visit in Orlando

It just so happened that my dad had a business trip to Orlando in mid-June, so the whole family decided to tag along and come visit. It was perfect timing because Nathan finally got to meet his Aunt Alex, who was unable to make the trip when he was first born. I am so glad he got to spend time with her and she is so great with him! We look forward to lots more visits in the future!

Alex, Mom and Dad all stayed at the hotel where my dad's conference was held but Kelly and Carter stayed with us and kept me company for the few days that they were here. We met up for meals and hanging around the house each day.

In need of some toddler-appropriate playtime one day, we decided to take C to a local "splash pad" in Winter Park. It was a great way to beat the heat and he seemed to have a fun time with all the big kids!

Nathan enjoyed himself, too. Haha!While it was a very quick visit, we still managed to get lots of cousin time with the boys. Carter still wasn't so sure what to make of this tiny, squirmy, noisy thing...But it was still fun to pose them together!

We had to pose the boys with Hattie and Poppy, too!

If I think too hard about the distance and the fact that we can't see each other every day, it makes me so sad but I am so thankful for the time we do get to spend with my family and the fact that they are only one state away. I know with the babies we'll plan even more get togethers and I count the days between each visit!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Jekyll Island

We packed Nathan up for his first road trip and headed north along the coast to Jekyll Island to celebrate the wedding of my dear friend, Meg. The little guy did a great job in the car (despite needing me in the back seat to ensure his pacifier stayed in place) and we arrived in time to hang out with friends at the pool bar before going to the rehearsal and dinner. (I had my first frozen cocktail since before getting pregnant and it was heavenly!) Meg asked me to be a "flower girl" along with our other sorority sisters and I was so happy that Nathan arrived early enough for us to be able to make the trip. We stood along her path down the aisle and handed her gorgeous hydrangea blooms to gather into her bouquet. It was such a sweet way to be a part of the wedding without having to buy a bridesmaid's dress, etc.

The wedding was held at the Jekyll Island Club, at Crane Cottage. It was the most picturesque setting and so lovely with the huge old oaks, draping Spanish moss, and historic grounds.

After spending the day having a "normal Saturday lunch with friends" at the cottage dining room, we all got dressed and ready for the big event in Meg's suite. I was a little nervous about the logistics with the baby, but it ended up working out perfectly and he stayed with me until right before the ceremony began.

The ceremony was perfect and Meg just glowed as she and Jeremy said their vows.

Mr. and Mrs. Batchelor!Our little angel fell asleep right before the ceremony and was passed out for the entire time.

After a few quick pictures with the bride and groom, we enjoyed the cocktail hour on the front lawn, catching up with old friends and soaking in the lovely setting.

While the happy couple was enjoying their first dance, we snuck off to the bridal suite to feed the bubs. Again, it worked out perfectly and he was pretty much asleep for the rest of the evening. Thank goodness!
It wouldn't be a sorority wedding without the traditional singing of one of our songs. The circle was smaller, but it was still a special moment to share with these girls that have meant so much to me for over 10 years now!

We didn't get to participate in the dancing (I was terrified we were causing permanent hearing damage with Nathan by bringing him that close to the speakers) but it was still a fun night and such a happy time with friends.

Congratulations and best wishes to the happy couple! We love you, Meg and Jeremy!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

One Month

Nathan, you are one month old today!
It's hard to believe how quickly the time has passed and how much you've already changed and grown since we first met you in the hospital. You've captured your dad's and my heart and we just can't get over how adorable you are! We feel so lucky to be your parents and for all that you've already taught us.
While our first month has been a challenge with it's share of ups and downs, I fall more and more in love with you each day. We are still getting to know your personality but you have proven to have a quick temper and powerful lungs, making it clear when you are not happy with a situation. It breaks my heart to hear you cry, especially when it seems nothing I can do will comfort you. I'm still learning what each cry means, but nine times out of ten it's because you want to eat or suck on your pacifier. It's just such a comfort to you!
However, all the crying and fussing is quickly erased by your sweet, cuddly snuggles and I love when you fall asleep nuzzled on my chest. When you are calm, you have such inquisitive expressions and seem to be studying everything around you with wide eyes and pursed lips. I know you are going to be a smart boy like your dad!
You do really well in the car and we've begun venturing out each day for little errands just for a change of pace. You usually pass out as soon as your carseat clicks into the base, which makes for a good nap each time!
You are eating well and still have a voracious appetite, sometimes nursing for a good 40-50 minutes at a time. I think you're going through a growth spurt, too, because you have been completely unsatisfied today and eating more often than your typical 3-4 hour stretches.
You've been sleeping better at night, for which I am very thankful! After many nights rocking in the recliner, you seem to be doing better in your basinet and we've learned that the white noise of your sleep giraffe helps immensely! Your naps during the day haven't been as productive, but I'll take what I can get right now. As far as playtime goes, you're not awake for too long in any stretch to really do much right now but I try to make the most and we've enjoyed your playmat and just talking with each other.
We attempted a one-month photo shoot today but you were not in the most cooperative of moods...(perhaps because of the wardrobe malfunction, exposing your diaper?!)

And most of our shots ended up looking more like this...

Poor baby! We'll have to try again tomorrow because we can't commermorate one month with such a sad face!

I love you so much little monkey, and I look forward to soaking up each and every month of milestones with you!


One Month Stats:

Weight - approx. 8 lbs, 9 oz (according to our home scale)

Diapers - newborn, but we're about to graduate to size 1

Clothes - newborn, but we're about to start trying some 0-3 month because you're getting too long for your footie pajamas

Monday, June 6, 2011

Tummy Time, Play Time, Bath Time

Another week has passed and Nathan continues to grow and change. He's more and more alert with each day that goes by and I'm taking advantage with lots of interaction and playtime. It feels a little silly to be talking and cooing to someone all day who can't respond just yet but I'm hoping it helps him develop!
I'm also having to seriously pull from the depths of my memory for songs and rhymes to sing to him. We're going to need to invest in some iTunes before too long because he's going to get sick of the same old tunes.
Don't let the scowl fool you - it's not all serious around here!
Our pediatrician said we should start tummy time at one month, so I've tried it a couple times to get a head start. Let's just say it's not the most productive...

And usually ends in one tired little monkey closing his eyes and falling asleep.

We love our activity mat, though, and stare in wonder at the colors, patterns and animals that hang from the bars.

We've also given Nathan his first "real" bath in the tub. He did a good job and didn't really fuss at all, which is a step up from the sponge bath!

He's a growing bub - look at that tummy!

As we continue to venture out and experience new things, I am hoping to be better about snapping more photos. We have to document more of this cutie pie!