Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Visit from Hattie

My mom came down for a quick visit a couple weekends ago. We have been so lucky to see her each month (sometimes more than once) since Nathan was born! We wined and dined at a couple of great restaurants for dinner each night. Nathan is getting to a more squirmy age, so eating out isn't the easiest but we took turns holding him so we could each enjoy our meals.
For the most part, we just hung out around the house and played with the bubs. Even though it was low key, it was the perfect visit and we loved having Hattie come to see us!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sleep Update

I'm not sure what I did or how it happened, but Nathan slept over 9 consecutive hours last night! Angels sang and trumpets sounded as I woke up this morning with more sleep than I've gotten in at least 4 months!

Amazingly, he had his last feeding of the night at 6:30 pm and then went almost 11 1/2 hours before eating again at 6 am. He made a peep at 5 am and I woke with a start, realizing how long it had already been. But I waited to see what happened and we both must have fallen back asleep because the next time I heard him through the monitor I looked at the clock and it was 6!

He has actually been getting better in the past week about sleeping 6, 7 even 8 hours a night - or at least going that long between feedings. But last night was a huge step and hopefully not just a fluke!

Of course, he makes up for it by still wanting to eat every 2 1/2 hours throughout the day and only taking 30-50 minute cat naps. Each day is a new schedule and throws me through a loop on timing but I guess I'll take what I can get for now!

Naptime is Funny?

I had to post this memory from today to remember how sweet my boy is...

After playing on his floor mat for a while, Nathan made it clear that he needed a nap with relentless fussing. I cradled him, popped his pacifier in his mouth and started to rock him while I turned on his sound machine. Our typical routine.

With each sway, I dipped my knees a bit (you know, to burn extra calories. ha!). Well, apparently this became quite funny and I saw my monkey smiling behind his "suckie". I kept it up and added a "whoa" with each dip and he started giggling. We went back and forth, up and down, giggling together as we went.

I'm sure if I tried to recreate this tomorrow it wouldn't work. In fact, each time I make Nathan laugh I go back to what I did and try it again but to no avail. He is unpredictable but I'll keep trying whatever it takes because his gummy grins and sweet giggles melt my heart. I love this little guy!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

What I'm Loving Right Now

Every day brings new challenges and unpredictable adventures but I'm loving being a mom, and a stay-at-home mom at that! It's hard to think back to life before baby. I'm just trying to soak it all up as each day passes because I know Nathan won't be a baby for long!
In particular, the things I am loving the most lately are...

Nathan's nakie little body and how it still has a bit of "monkey fuzz" on it. He was born with quite a bit of hair all over his body and it's slowly been falling out but he still has this soft down on his back and ears and it's so funny to me!

His tight grip and how, lately, when I hold him, he wraps his little arm around mine and almost pinches my skin to hold on. It's so endearing and makes me feel so needed.

His crazy hairline. He's going bald on the sides and around the back from rubbing his head but the top is still pretty full. On top of that, it's turning blonde. I am so curious to see how it turns out! In the meantime, I can't stop myself from rubbing his head and feeling his soft locks.

Saying our prayers at night. He's not always into reading a book before bed but without fail, softly praying seems to lull Nathan to sleep and it's a habit I am happy to start early. I especially love eavesdropping on the nights that Ryan puts Nathan to bed, to hear what is in his prayers. It's so sweet because I know Ryan isn't the most comfortable doing it but he's trying.

The interaction between Jax and Nathan. He is just now starting to notice this furry creature in the house and will stare and smile at her. Jax is very sweet with him, limiting her interactions to sniffing and brief kisses on his feet. She comes to me when he is crying, like a good big sister. I hope they are good friends when he is old enough to play with her!

Playtime in the mirror. Nathan's true laughter, the sweetest sound, comes from making faces at the funny people he sees on the other side of the mirror. He'll talk and coo and when we make faces and noises back at him, his grin widens and he lets out big belly laughs. It makes my heart melt and my cheeks hurt from smiling!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Daytime Bather

So many parents seem to have a bedtime routine that includes a bath for their little one. We've tried this on several occasions, but Nathan doesn't seem to enjoy it and has even spent many evenings shrieking and crying the whole time. So much for a calming, relaxing step toward sleep!
Instead, I have started taking to bathing the little guy during the day. He's much more agreeable to it and it's nice not to have to rush to avoid the cries.
It's too bad he doesn't get to go to sleep all clean and smelling so sweet, but if this froggy wants baths during the day, then that's what I'll give him!

Who can argue with that adorable face?!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Baby Blues?

Well, he was born with blue eyes but I think they've quickly started turning and are now looking a bit more hazel each day. Just like mine, they change color depending on what he's wearing and the lighting, but I definitely see more than just blue in them these days!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Growth Spurt

In the past week, Nathan has been eating more frequently and not napping very well. He only goes 2 hours and 15 minute to 2 and a half hours between feedings now, which is pretty tiring! It may be another growth spurt since the boy definitely seems bigger!
In the meantime, I have been trying to get him in every outfit in his current size range before it's too late! Nathan received so many cute hand-me-downs from cousin Carter and some are already getting a bit snug in the crotch. He sported these cute overalls this weekend and looked so adorable!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Megan & Buck's Wedding

It's wedding season! We attended our third (Nathan's second) on July 30 to help celebrate the marriage of Megan Harvey, a good family friend, to Buck Holly.
We were a bit late for the ceremony because the start unfortunately coincided with dinner time for the bubs, but we made it out just in time to watch the processional and snuck into the back row after the bride and her father made their walk down the aisle. Mr. and Mrs. Holly looked so happy and we were so glad to share in their special day!

My whole family got to attend and we had a great time spending the evening dining and dancing with them. Anytime I get to spend a night with my beautiful sisters is such a treat!

Carter was a trooper, staying up way past his bedtime and entertaining us all! He was such a little man in his searsucker suit. Nathan wore a coordinating searsucker bubble with frogs on it to match his cousin.

I danced most of the way through dinner, rocking Nathan to sleep and bopping to the music. Once he passed out, he stayed snuggled in his carseat for the rest of the night!

We had a great time and were so glad to make the trip up for it!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Who needs sleep?

I've started questioning my sleep technique with Nathan and after hearing about so many babies sleeping through the night, I am beginning to wonder if I need to impose some sort of sleep training.

In the past week, he's started establishing his own bedtime by completely melting down in the 7 o'clock hour and obviously needing to go to sleep. It's tough because it's still light out but the poor boy is so exhausted for whatever reason that we swaddle him up, say his prayers and put him down.

But also in the past week, he's started waking more throughout the night - around midnight, then 3 am, then 5-6 am. It's exhausting!

Half of me feels like I've been taking Nathan's cues and letting him feed on demand so if he needs to wake up throughout the night, I need to comply. Plus, I wonder if this new routine is just a growth spurt and will pass soon.

But the other half of me wonders if I am misreading the cues or if there is something I could be doing to help us both get more sleep at night. He eats every 2 1/2 -3 hours throughout the day, which also seems a bit frequent, so am I just encouraging that over night, too?

After reading Blue Eyed Bride's blog and hearing her rave reviews for Moms on Call, I ordered the book and am awaiting its arrival to see what the big deal is. Her younger son is only three days older than Nathan and is sleeping 12 hours a night, which is hard to believe for a mom currently getting a max of three consecutive hours of sleep each night (but more like 1-2 if I'm lucky)!

We'll see what I think once I actually read it. In the meantime, I am just waiting for the first cries of the night - Nathan went down at 7 after eating at 6 so it's only a matter of time that he needs to eat again!

UPDATE - It turns out he ended up sleeping for 8 hours that night, letting me sleep until 4 am! Go figure! It's definitely not consistent but I love when that happens!

First Airplane Ride

Nathan got to experience his first plane ride when we headed up to Atlanta for a quick weekend trip to celebrate another wedding. The last of the Harveys, our good family friends, tied the knot and we wanted to be there for it but were sick of all the driving so we booked our tickets and took another adventure with the bubs!
He did an amazing job, sleeping through takeoff on the way there...
And nursing for the landing. We navigated the trams at the Atlanta airport and he LOVED sitting in the Bjorn facing out so he could see everything!On the way home, bad weather in Orlando forced us to be re-routed to West Palm Beach. Even with the diversion and the extra time on the plane (almost 6 hours total!!), Nathan was perfect and only had one minor meltdown.I guess you would have, too, if you had to get your diaper changed on a tray table. Oops! But despite the short moment of angst, he fell right back to sleep and did a great job when we were finally able to fly back into Orlando.

Overall, I was so impressed and relieved that the trip went so well. I'm not sure I could have flown by myself because Ryan and I made a great team, but we'll see if I can brave that adventure sometime in the future.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Best Buds

Nathan and Parker were born 8 weeks apart and since then, we've been able to have several play dates for the two of them. It's so fun to watch these boys grow up together and I'm looking forward to lots more good times to come! It looks like Nathan is cracking up at something Parker said here...

Watch out P! Nathan may just be catching up to you in size!

Aw, best of friends holding hands. Although, Nathan looks a little shocked by it. Too funny!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Three Months

Nathan, you are three months old!
We were very busy this month with lots of trips and lots of growing. Of your twelve weekends so far, six of them were spent away. You're quite the traveler! You are also starting to show your fun personality more and more and it's so cute!
While you've been losing your hair, some is coming back light brown and even blonde. I am so curious to see how it ends up! Your eyes have started to turn color, too. Some days they still look blue but others I can see more hazel popping through.
You've discovered your hands and despite my best efforts, I can't keep them out of your mouth. I think you may even be teething already because on top of chewing on your fingers, you've started drooling a bunch. I don't see any signs of teeth yet, but I feel like the first are not too far away. In the meantime, you have lots of fun blowing bubbles and attempting to fit your whole fist in your mouth.

You love to play on your activity mat and between each feeding we talk to your "friends" - you've found your voice and love to chat with all the critters that dangle in front of you. You say lots of "oohs" and "aahs" and have started adding "gahs" and other gurgly sounds to your vocabulary.

You are much more alert now, spending more awake time between feedings and exploring your world. The television has shown its allure and you love to stare at the pictures. I'm trying not to let you watch very much, though!

You've also started to notice your puppy and I can't wait for you and Jax to be able to play!

You are making attempts at rolling over and make it from your back to your side before rolling back again. You stand and put weight on your legs when we hold you up and you much prefer to sit upright in our arms now than be cradled.
In the past couple of weeks, I feel like I've hit my groove as your mom and feel so much more confident with your routine. You still eat, play and sleep throughout the day and you're great at running errands with me. We have lunch with friends throughout the week and you are (usually) an angel.

I can tell you are growing because you're bulking up and your clothes are starting to get tight in length. Time to go shopping! I thought we made a deal that you were going to stay little forever but you don't seem to be sticking to your end of the bargain.

I love you, buddy!


Three Month Stats:

Weight - 13 pounds!

Diapers - size 2 (you could probably still fit in size 1 but we ran out)

Clothes - anything from 0-3 month, 3 month and 3-6 month, depending on the brand