Sunday, February 24, 2013


I've been on quite the blogging hiatus, having spent the last three months taking a break and pondering whether or not to even keep this up. But then my (very diligent at blogging) sis asked how I remember the milestones as they pass without recording them and I realized I won't unless I keep going. I have a terrible memory! And I hate the idea of time passing without remembering that we did such fun things as a family each week or when Nathan started or stopped doing something.

So here is my catching up on N's stats...the rest is coming.

N is now 21 1/2 months old - all toddler and all boy! He is talking up a storm and I love that I can now understand so much of his conversations. It also secretly gives me satisfaction to have to be his translator - it makes me feel like I'm in the know and that we speak a secret language together. He knows all of our immediate family's names and it's the sweetest sound to hear him say "Hello [fill in a name]" as he greets a friend. We've also tried really hard to instill good manners and he is very quick at asking "deez" and responding "tank doo" (thank you) and even "no, tank doo" if disinterested.

He is so active and loves all sports, much to his daddy's excitement. We kick balls around the house, smack golf balls like we're playing hockey, and his latest interest is trying out tennis. He loves being outside, plays in the mulch at every playground we visit, and has received his first (several) skinned knees. He never walks - it's always full speed ahead - and he's started jumping with both feet off the ground and skipping. It's the cutest thing to watch!

It feels like I serve the same five meals over and over again because this picky boy only likes so many things right now. We find ourselves lucky that he still loves fruits and a bunch of veggies, though! I've kept him on Lactaid because I'm too afraid to wean him onto regular milk but I'm sure he'll be just fine considering all the yogurt and cheese he eats! His favorite of the moment, though, is raisins and he asks for them all day long. It all seems to be working because he grows like a weed and his pants are constantly looking too short.

N can be quite particular, lining toys up and readjusting as he goes, making us stand in a specific spot to play catch, placing his cup just so on his tray or table. I wonder where he gets that from?! He'll still sit and read books by himself for small periods throughout the day. He has begun making his toys interact, sometimes even talk to each other, and I can see an imagination forming. I love seeing these personality quirks come through as he develops into his own little person.

His hair gets blonder every day and anyone we see makes note of it. I can't wait to see what happens over the summer when we're outside even more than we already are right now! I've also noticed a few angel kisses or freckles starting to peep through on his shoulders and chest. All four canines have broken through and are at various stages of coming in (they have for at least a month or two now).

While a fun age, it does have it's share of challenges and we deal daily with tantrums, hissy fits, strong wills. I've tried timeouts, which seem to have an effect on changing behavior, and N has quickly learned to say "sorry" behind his tears when he's done something wrong. Distraction is also a key tactic and sometimes I have to just correct him and then ignore it because he does things for attention, like blow raspberries and spit, thinking he's hilarious.

We've been having so much fun and spend each day trying to learn and use up all that toddler energy. I'm one lucky gal to be able to stay home with this bubs and watch him grow each day. Even on the tough days I try to soak it all up because as the past 21+ months have proven, this time truly is fleeting!