Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Such a great feeling

Newly painted toes! It's been too long...

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Under the table and dreaming

Jax has a new toy that keeps rolling under the couches, and she's clever enough that she's found a way to get to it...

Such a silly girl!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ladies' Tennis

I'm starting up another season of ladies' tennis (a working women's league, as it's called) in a couple weeks and I am really looking forward to the exercise and continued improvement to my game. I will miss my partner, Lindsay, though - she was a great partner last season and so much fun! She's just got too much going on right now, which I totally understand. But maybe I can convince her to sub every once in a while so we can still play together? We'll see...

Monday, May 17, 2010

Dog days

It may not be summer yet (technically) but we've already hosted a bbq and doggie playday at our house to celebrate the warm weather. It was great to have all the pups over to wrestle and chase and we loved having good friends over to visit.
Jax and her "brother", Brodie (they get along really well, I promise!)The newest pup - Reese - had just been adopted that morning! She fit in perfectly and got along with the other dogs just great. Look at those pretty eyes!Bella was a little hot - check out that tongue!Jax and Reese seemed to really like each other. (They're sharing a stick.)Even baby Carson came over to play! She loved the doggies and wanted to play outside while Bella was trying all afternoon to get back in.

And while I love having everybody over, and love to see Jax have so much fun playing, the best part is after the day is over and our little pup is pooped! Such fun and great exercise. We're looking forward to lots more bbq's and puppy playdates with our good pals all summer long.

Friday, May 14, 2010

This is why I can't lose weight

Cupcakes in the office. Yum!! And these, from Whole Foods of all places, are like heaven in your mouth. What a fun treat for a Friday! (Although not every Friday, please...they are too good to resist but I am sure they are not super healthy.)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

For the birds

When we woke this morning, I let Jax out and watched as she trotted through the lawn to some shade only to watch her jump ten feet in the air, startled. I thought we had another (yes, we've had quite a few already) snake in the yard so I cautiously walked over to the spot where she was sniffing...only to find a teeny-tiny baby bird laying in the grass.

I've noticed a nest in the tree above throughout the spring and thought the tiny thing must have fallen out. It broke my heart to see it away from it's parents, especially on Mother's Day (silly that I immediately thought that), and I quickly tried to get Jax back inside to leave it alone.

After going back out with the pup a few more times, I noticed some chirping from above and looked to see another even tinier bird dangling from a branch by one leg. I freaked out - I mean FREAKED out! I felt so helpless and Jax was so interested in the one already on the ground that I didn't know what to do.

Ryan had been out and as soon as he walked through the door I started telling him about the second one and burst into tears. I don't know why it hit me so hard, but I couldn't stop sobbing about these poor helpless birds. I mean, really, truly crying. Ridiculous!

After some quick googling, I found the number to Animal Services and put in a call for someone to come help. They called it a "priority" so I was hopeful we would see a rescue soon.

Thankfully, help arrived not too much later and I watched as she knocked the little one off the branch and scoop it into a box. The one already in the grass was much stronger and fiestier and as she went to scoop that one up it hopped away, chirping. Once the chirping started, mama and daddy came flying in and started attacking this poor woman! I ran in to get my camera just as I saw a red cardinal dive bomb her head. Ahh!!

She finally got the second one in the box and assured me they would be taken to Wildlife Refuge to be cared for until they were old enough to fly. I'd like to think she was telling the truth, although there is no telling. Mama and daddy were quite distraught to see their babies taken away, which broke my heart a second time, but she said they'd "get over it" and was on her way.

Jax still searches the yard for these curious little creatures and I keep seeing the parents flit back and forth looking for their babies but all has returned to normal. And while I have a huge fear slight aversion to birds, I have a new found respect for them and how helpless they are when so young.

the nest

poor little (gross) baby
trying to get out of the box

Happy Mother's Day

To all the wonderful moms out there, but especially to mine - Happy Mother's Day! It's because of you I am who I am today, and I love you so much!

Monday, May 3, 2010

We went to Vero and all I got were these funky tan lines

After what was maybe one of the more stressful weeks I've had at work, we hit the road on Friday evening and drove down to Vero Beach to visit with Ryan's aunt and uncle.
The girls hit the beach club on Saturday and lazed around the pool for hours while the boys headed out to sea to catch us some dinner. Both groups were sucessful and I felt much more relaxed after getting some much needed Vitamin D while the guys brought home tons of mahi and sea bass that they grilled up for dinner. The sun knocked us all out and it was early to bed Saturday night. It's tough laying out all day, you know?
The girls lazed around the house on Sunday morning (we were serious about relaxing!) while the boys played golf and then we were off again on our way home.
What a quick weekend, but oh so enjoyable. And while I didn't get any photos of the mini-vaca, I did end up with a burned belly button (of all places) and a ring on my chest from my bikini top to remember it by. Oops!