Thursday, December 13, 2012

Catching up

Well, Nathan turned 18 months...

And then 19 months...

And before I know it he will be 20 months and I haven't been documenting it at all! I keep meaning to jump on the computer and update on all of his growth and silliness and changes over the past couple of months but I guess life gets in the way, which is probably not a bad thing. I still have updates from Halloween to make and it's almost Christmas! I'll get to it, eventually.

In the meantime, here's what this little man has been up to:

  • Running at full speed
  • Attempting to jump (and getting pretty good at it!)
  • Talking more and more ("more" being one of those new words, in addition to "no", "choo-choo", "truck", "food", "cheese", "kick", "throw" to name a few)
  • Top canines have come in, making it 14 teeth now
  • Snuggling and being oh so sweet
  • Throwing tantrums and being oh so "terrible"
  • Fake crying and laughing - how did he learn this?!
  • Peeing on the potty! (just for fun, nothing serious - he started going right after a bath one night so I sat him down on the potty and he kept going. he gets quite the kick out of it!)
  • Going down the slide by himself at the playground
  • Stealing our hearts more and more each day!
I am loving this Christmas season and celebrating another holiday with our monkey. It just keeps getting better and better!