Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sixteen Months

Nathan, you are sixteen months old!

As you continue to grow and develop, finding your self and testing your limits, I must say this month has been the most challenging I can remember in a while. We've struggled with communication, a new-found pickiness for eating and a really hard sleep month. Ah, the joys of toddlerhood!

In spite of the challenges, you've also continued to grow my heart and make me love you more with each day. Your sweet smile and sneaky grins could win anyone over and you are super friendly, waving (or pinching your fingers) to friends and strangers alike. You are running and toddling all over and it is the cutest thing to watch you zoom around. I love seeing you process new things and trying them yourself. The latest is playing chase and hiding, which you think is hilarious!

More and more, your favorite "person" is Jax. You wake and immediately want to walk out of your room to find her, calling her name and lighting up at first sighting. You ask to give her cookies and you love to snuggle her, though she can sometimes be overwhelmed by your love. You even find her collar and leash in hopes of taking her on a walk. Dogs in general get your attention and you love spotting "woofs" when we're out.

You love practicing your golf skills by smacking the ball around the house and you're actually quite good at connecting. You're also always into something, pulling things out of drawers and exploring the bathroom cabinets. Forget toys, you'd rather play with our stuff! You still have a penchant for reading, which I love, and are always up for a story.

Though I know it's early to tell, it does seem you favor your left hand over your right. You use a fork or spoon in your left hand and you are stronger at throwing with your left. We'll have to see if you're just like Daddy or if it switches as you get older.

For weeks you've been having a hard time with sleeping past the 5- or 6-o'clock hours and it is killing us! You wake exhausted and crying but won't go back to bed, which makes for a miserable morning. You're also working on dropping that nap still and most days only sleep for an hour and a half tops. I know you need more rest but just don't know how to encourage it more. I blame the molars that are halfway through (the bottoms are almost all the way in but the tops are still working on it) and pray that when they have broken in you'll be back to a more acceptable sleep pattern.

Our little vacuum is no more and it's tough finding things you actually will eat now versus your former self that rarely passed on anything. You could live off cheese and fruit, which you do on most days, but I really try to incorporate more proteins and substance. It worries me that you aren't getting all the nutrients your little body (and brain!) need to grow, but I know this is a sign of the toddler times, too.

We're back in music class after a short break and you really enjoy it. I love watching you dance and shake your little booty. I'm sorry you won't be inheriting any dancing skills from your mama but it's still fun to watch you try! You crack yourself up with your antics and I love hearing you laugh at the silly things you do.

Oh, buddy, I love you so much and even when you test my patience I could not imagine life without being your mom. You are a handsome little beasty boy and I love the expressions you make. It's a joy watching you grow, as hard as it is to believe you're not a baby anymore.

I love you!

(officially monthly pic to come...)

Friday, September 7, 2012

Labor Day Beach Weekend

We've heard a lot about Hammock Beach and after spending Girls' Weekend there earlier this summer, Ryan and I decided to take his family back there for Labor Day. We rented a three bedroom condo so there was plenty of room for all of us to spend the weekend. It was a gorgeous resort and so much fun to bring Nathan on an overnight beach trip with Lolly, Uncle Brad and Aunt Sarah!

We cooked dinners in while we were there but enjoyed lunch out at the pool grille and had lots of beach and pool time. There was a seven acre water park complete with a lazy river and spray grounds that N loved! He wasn't so keen on the ocean but he liked playing in the sand and collecting shells. The only way we got him close to the waves was to go pet the pups that were on walks with their owners!

I would definitely go back as a family. We had a great time and really enjoyed our fun in the sun!