Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Corey and Liz's Wedding

It's been a while since we've had the pleasure of attending a wedding but we got to go as a family last weekend to celebrate the marriage of Ryan's cousin, Corey, and his bride, Liz. They held the ceremony and reception at the Lake Mary Events Center and it was a beautiful setting!

The ceremony was in an atrium overlooking a lake, which was perfect because it had the fantastic view without the threat of the elements (it was really windy and threatened to storm after really bad weather the night before). The sun peeked out just as the couple said their vows - it was perfect!

Nathan was very well behaved during the ceremony, squirming a bit towards the end but staying relatively quiet. He was really interested in the string quartet that played during the ceremony and cocktail hour. While we had drinks and apps, he danced around the girls and showed off!

He loved having the freedom to run around and didn't stay still once the ceremony was over!

The reception was in a ballroom with a live band and buffet dinner. The bride was very sweet to order a special kids' meal just for the bubs even though he preferred the PB&J I packed just in case.

We had a great time celebrating the bride and groom and spending time with some of Ryan's extended family. I even got to slow dance with my hubby, so the night was a success for me! I'm looking forward to wedding season and getting to celebrate more in the coming months (and maybe stealing a few more dances)!

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