Saturday, March 30, 2013

First Prez Egg Hunt

To help get into the Easter spirit, we were excited to join some of our music class buddies for the First Presbyterian Egg Hunt at the church downtown. Since this was N's first mobile egg hunt (he was still crawling last year), I was excited to see how he did with his basket and the whole concept.

We waited with our buddies for the call to start and N was very eager to get going once he saw the field covered in eggs. His basket was almost as big as he is but he was a champ and carried it himself the whole time!

When we got the go-ahead, he raced to the lawn and began gathering well over our quota (I kept throwing them back out when he wasn't looking). He didn't even care to stop and check what was inside.

After the hunt, we joined our friends in the shade for a picnic lunch while the church led a sing-a-long for us. N was more interested in kicking the remaining eggs (there were still hundreds left unpicked) and gathering treasures than eating but we still got to enjoy our time with our buddies before heading home to welcome company for the weekend.

It was a nice event and we had a great time!

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