Monday, April 8, 2013

Addison's Second Birthday

It's hard to believe another round of birthdays has begun and we're celebrating our kiddos turning two! Addison's birthday was today and we got to share in her Lilly themed park playdate. It was a hot morning, already climbing in the 80s (gross) but a gorgeous, sunny day and we had so much fun playing with friends, especially after being cooped up all last week from the Easter bug.

The birthday girl
Ben and Nathan, sharing snack time
We got plenty of playground time in, bouncing between slides and swings and chatting with our buddies. N particularly got a kick out of the swings today and was giggling up a storm as he mimicked the kids next to us.

We gathered together to sing "Happy Birthday" and watch Addison blow out her two candles. Then, shocked of the morning, N asked for a cupcake...

Ate it...

And even asked for more! This boy usually avoids all sweets (even spitting out chocolate cake!) so I was super surprised. I guess he is my child after all!

We love these friends oh so much and are so grateful to have them in our lives! 
Happy Birthday, Addison!

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