Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Two Years Old

Nathan, you are two years old!

Two whole years. How did that happen? In just a blink my world changed forever and it continues to change and grow for the better each day with you. I never knew my heart could grow as big as it does each time I look at you. You challenge me, frustrate me, and test me daily but you also make me laugh, swell with pride and stop in awe to appreciate the wonder that is you.

You are all boy and all toddler. I no longer see my little baby but a little boy who is growing to be independent ("no, self mommy"), silly yet serious, and oh so smart. It still amazes me all that you know and take in - I have to be careful and am constantly reminded that I need to guard my words and actions to be a better example for you. You are a parrot and will repeat anything your Daddy or I say to you. It's pretty adorable!
Showing your muscles
You love staying busy and I am constantly challenged to think of activities to keep you occupied and out of trouble. You still love hitting the golf ball in the house but we will soon put an end to that because you are just too good and are bound to break something before too long. You've started to play more by yourself and I love hearing you make different toys interact or role play. We spend a lot of time outside, in our yard or at various playgrounds, where you are always bound to find a stick or rock to play with. You run, you jump with both feet off the ground, you climb - you are a busy little boy!

Feeding you is a challenge and I find myself preparing the same meals over and over for the assurance that you will actually eat them. Now that you're communicating better you ask for specific meals or snacks and you're even telling me that you're hungry or thirsty which is helpful. Sleeping has been consistent (napping pretty well and sleeping 10-12 hours a night) but I'm worried we're about to mess that up by taking your pacifier away. The beloved bubba will soon be gone - we've been transitioning you to only use it in bed and you've been compliant but I know it's going to be tough for us all when they finally go away.

Oh, the things you say! You're speaking in three- to four-word sentences now and I can understand most of what you say. Some of my favorites of late:
  • "Um..." when you are thinking
  • "[name of food], eat it, mouth"
  • "Oh, no, Bobo Bird" (a favorite song)
  • "[name of person], are you?" for "Where are you?"
There is so much more that makes me smile and melts my heart. I love hearing you speak and watching as the wheels turn while you're trying to formulate what to say next.

Such a devilish grin!
You are so friendly and say hello to people we pass while we're out. You recognize so many family members and friends by name and will even pray for them specifically when we say our prayers at night. You're getting more comfortable with staying in church nursery and have started interacting more with friends your age. Don't be fooled, though. You can be sweet as honey but you can also throw a mean tantrum and can be quite dramatic about it. The terrible two's have certainly begun and the whining and crying are a daily (hourly) occurrence. Thankfully, you're really good at taking deep breaths and calming down if we can talk through things (most of the time).

I am so grateful that God chose me to be your mom and that He has trusted me and your Daddy to raise you and watch you grow. I am so excited to see what the next year brings and how many more great memories and experiences we will share. I love you so much buddy!



Sjn said...

Nathan is an adorable little boy! His Hattie and Poppy love him and miss him, and are so grateful for our visits.

Stefanie said...

Happy birthday to just a great little boy!